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BROCHURE DESIGN TIPS- "Brochure" is French, and it comes from brocher, meaning to stitch. According to The American Heritage Dictionary, a brochure is "a small booklet or pamphlet, often containing promotional material or product information." Brochures aren’t always small. Sometimes they’re quite large. As for brochure contents, they vary greatly depending on the situation. A brochure definitely can be more than a pamphlet or small booklet, coming in all shapes, sizes and a range of folds.

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Annual art exhibition Invitation card - Brochure Design Sample

Annual art exhibition Invitation card

A multi fold art exhibition brochure has an impression of hand in a very creative artistic. The brochure has an impressive layout in the inner pages.The judicious use of red and blue color like dabs of paint creates an aesthetic feel to the brochure. The images and background textures used are in sync with the theme of the brochure.

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