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Sales presentation design tips

SALES PRESENTATION DESIGN TIPS 1 : The best visuals are often ones designed with an eye toward simplicity. Yet, this says nothing about the specifics of a visual presentation. That will depend on the content and context. For example, even the best visuals used in support of a presentation for one audience on, say, quantum mechanics, may appear complicated and confusing to a different audience.Simplicity is often used as a means to greater clarity. However, simplicity can also be viewed as a consequence. A consequence, that is, of our careful efforts to craft a story and create supporting visuals that focus on our audience's needs in a clear and meaningful way.

SALES PRESENTATION DESIGN TIPS 2 : A typical design template includes an attractive background, sample text in appropriate sizes and styles, and a harmonious color scheme. You can apply a design template when you first create a presentation, or you can apply it to an existing presentation. When you do so, the master slide takes on the characteristics of the design template, and those characteristics are applied to the slides in the presentation.

SALES PRESENTATION DESIGN TIPS 3 : When you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, you have to consider several different points of view. First you view each slide as you type in information, add graphics, and choose colors. Then you need to consider how the slideshow will present itself

SALES PRESENTATION DESIGN TIPS 4 : Microsoft Powerpoint is the most powerful presentation tool available on the market and whilst there are competitors, it is pretty obvious that Microsoft Powerpoint ranks as the number one presentation tool in the world. Just look at the number of seminars, lectures or presentations you go to and how many people are using Microsoft PowerPoint,about 95% of them.

SALES PRESENTATION DESIGN TIPS 5 : Each page in a PowerPoint presentation is called a slide. PowerPoint presentations run just like the slide shows of old, only they are broadcast through a computer instead of a slide projector.

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