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Product Label design New Zealand

When designing a label, there is a series of elements and information that must be arranged on the label.The layout of the design depends on the message the label wants to communicate to customers. The message about the product must be correct and conveyed in an interesting manner to attract attention of consumers. Showing the label sketch to someone that has nothing to do with its creative process and who has never seen the design is a good way to test the message. Listening to the volunteer ideas and suggestions is also important since he or she will have a more objective point of view of the label design.

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Innovative Dumpling packaging Label Design

Dumpling packaging Label Design

Dumpling packaging label is for meat dumplings.The main criteria for the label was the transparent packing.The dumplings could be seen through the see through package The beige and dark brown color enhance the elegance of the packing.The dumpling shapes created on the label help to identify the product and its unique aspect. The ribbon gives a classy feel to the product to attract discerning and gourmet buyers

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