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Magazine Ad Design New Zealand

Good advertising is a matter of independent choice. Different layouts, font styles, images and copywriting styles appeal to different audiences.You must choose what defines you best and what attracts your clients the most.
Professional advertising is important for successful business.Successful advertising campaign not just creates reputation for the company but also creates a uniquely recognizable brand image. Ads work on a variety of different platfoms -signage, meaning, psychological appeals, emotion, roles, values/beliefs, and knowledge. Don’t try to cram everything into your advertising. Select one point, product or offer in your ad and build the copy and design elements around it. Ads that try to be all things to all people usually fail to reach anyone. The catalog industry believes that there’s a 40-40-20 mix in creating a successful ad design-: 40% is offering the right product, 40% is dependent on the right list, and 20% is creatives. Translate the list to media placement, and this formula will help you in putting together your ads.

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Creative Magazine Ad Design

Magazine Ad Design

Event by Lauren is a magazine advertising campaign launching by a bridal jewelley company. The style and look of the magazine ad is sophisticated and classy. Soft pale green color used in background invokes a sense of peace and serenity.The muted simplicity along with an image of an elegant model enhances a feeling of beauty and style. The advertisement succeeds not just in attracting attention of customers but also creates an image of elegance for the branding of the company

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