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Presentation Folder design New Zealand

Presentation folder is essential part of a company’s corporate marketing kit. Presentation Folders possess great marketing potential as they serve as a package of your company’s business cards, brochures, flyers, and other company literature. Presentation folders not only convey what your company is all about for they also attract your potential market to patronize your company and build a brand image. A stylish professional looking presentation folder enhances the impact of the marketing kit for prospective customers.

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BRCS Presentation Folder for a College

BRCS Presentation Folder for a College

This is a college presentation folder which holds complete information kit for the college courses and admission procedures. The vibrant blue color of the presentation folder gives a positive feel to the layout. The creative graphic on the cover adds a modern touch to the folder highlighting the contemporary facet of the institution.

Serafin Cafe and Bar Presentation Folder

Serafin-Cafe & Bar

Presentation folder is suitable for a Spanish restaurant to hold menu card for food and drinks. This gives a professional and classy feel when menu is handed over to the customer. Serafin Menu folder has the logo on the cover and pockets within to hold the menu cards. Simple and tidy look of the folder makes reading the menu a pleasurable experience. The classy white of the folder adds to the sophistication of the restaurant.

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Presentation folder for An Orthodontist

Pukekohe Orthodontists

The green and gold presentation folder is of a Pukekohe based Orthodontist Their main area of specialization is braces and dental work. The presentation folder has the icon of the logo in the cover of the presentation folder in the central prominent position. The Smiley Icon adds a touch of friendliness to the daunting task of fitting braces. The main aim of the presentation folder design is to give a cheery feel to the company image along with professional, neat and creative layout and style.

Creative BodyElite Presentation Folder

BodyElite Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder for gym especially for corporate executives who have no time to exercise. This exclusive Gym needs an exclusive branding. The posh looking presentation folder provides the complete exercise kit and plan in a professional manner. Its impressive appearance can inspire confidence and give a sense of pride to the corporate executive regarding belonging to a special gym which caters to their needs.

Inspiring Indecor Presentation Folder


This is Presentation folder for an interior design company. The muted colors of the presentation folder match the logo branding. The image and graphics bring out the unique aspect of the interior design product. The simplistic folder is a perfect carrier for company brochures, information sheets and vouchers which can be provided to the customers as corporate literature.

Awesome Prioritize Presentation Folder

Prioritize Presentation Folder

This is a very stylish presentation folder for a management workshop. The stark black ground with a n abstract image imparts a surreal and mysterious style to the presentation folder. Apart from being the part of presentation and marketing kit, the folder gives a sophisticated style to the company branding.

Superb Kinetic Presentation Folder

Kinetic Presentation Folder

A Presentation folder with a corporate look. The sales and marketing consultancy has a highly abstract folder which give a modern trendy style to the marketing information kit with its black and silver theme.

Stunning Cyetek Presentation Folder

Cyetek - Simple ERP Solutions

Presentation folder for an IT company giving simple ERP solutions. The Cyetek Presentation Folder has an impactful digital effect on the cover page.The image of flow of energy give a stellar effect to the look and style of the folder.The cover is professional yet has an creative appeal to it layout and design.The logo has been given a important position on the cover to make the branding more effective.A small description at the bottom describes the company services and servicesThis description is important as it will help to understand the company as it offer specialized services whichare aimed at targeted clientele.The cover of the presentation folder builds the branding of the company by reflecting its corporate identity.

Simple MG Solutions Presentation Folder

MG Solutions Presentation Folder

Presentation folder for an automotive and industrial supplies and solutions. The orange and black color of the folder attributes a professional sober look to the presentation folder. This kind of simple and neutral folder provides support for presenting all kinds of company information in a neat manner.

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