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A poster can be defined as a placard or bill, usually large and often incorporating photographs or illustrations, posted up for advertising or publicity or for decorative purposes. The main functions poster advertising is communication, selling and persuading. Decorative and visually appealing poster help to grab attention. Creative design and attractive visuals can generate interest of the passerby in the poster to give a look. The first look is most vital as it induces the viewer to check further.. A good poster must be attention-grabbing, clear, convincing and memorable.

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Pacific Projects Poster Design

Pacific Projects Poster Design

Pull up poster for Pacific Project – an Engineering Company. The first poster is for brand promotion. So the emphasis is on the company logo and the company colors. The slogan of the company is also highlighted.The poster is very impactful due to bold colors and dramatic presentation of the logo with the icon.
The second poster gives information of the projects undertaken by the company. The images depict the project sites. A list of industries serviced by the company are also highlighted. The poster not just high lights the branding of the company logo but also gives vital information about the engineering capabilities of the company.
The combination of the two poster forms a complete advertising campaign.

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