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Poster Design New Zealand

Posters are powerful means for marketing. Business companies and corporate need to market their products and services in a professional manner through a medium which is cost effective, attractive with mass appeal. Posters are an effective and creative print medium to promote company information and directives. Businesses often use posters for marketing in seminars, conferences, exhibitions to generate an impact and build an agreeable publicity.

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Osteopath New Zealand Conference Poster

Osteopath New Zealand Conference Poster

Elegant and simple poster for the Osteopath Conference. The soft blue and green colours match the logo branding. The collage in the centre of the poster should all the body areas relevant to osteopath treatment. The visual appeal of the poster lifts a medical subject to a new high of creativity. The poster generates interest and admiration yet imparts vital information.

Music beat-poster design

Music Beat

A Music poster for upcoming rock concert festival with a complete retro look. The earthy color with graffiti type of fonts creates a jazzy feel of Party time. The poster would appeal to youngsters and grownup alike. The main attraction of the poster is that it feels like a special invitation to a friend’s party with a personal touch. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching yet the grey background gives a muted style to poster giving it a sophisticated elegance.

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Mobile Apps Development- poster design

Mobile Apps Development

Aesthetic Poster for advertising and marketing professional software applications for LDNZ Ltd. Poster is split into two parts. One is for Mobile Apps and the other is for Ecommerce website. Usage of spectacular colours and styles result in the poster becoming immediately attention grabbing and interesting. Short Detailed sentences make the text sharp and readable. The poster communicates its important information in single view successfully. Contact details of the company help to acquire most crucial goal of the poster - which is communication with the customers.


Strata Building Solutions

A poster design for a construction company which is known for creative interiors and unique building solutions. The poster design has a creative and artistic feel to it. The inverted pyramid of a collage of images stands for the wide range of inputs of the company for its services. The colourful myriad display of icons gives a universal appeal to the branding of the company and its innovative and inspiring options for building solutions.

Hume Pack-n-Cool Poster

Hume Pack-n-Cool Poster

Colorful, Lively and Dynamic poster for a kiwi fruit orchard tour celebrating its 30th anniversary. The pictures of Juicy Kiwi fruit and promise for drinks and nibble make the poster very inviting and attractive. The Bright green colors accentuate the feel and touch of a kiwi fruit. The poster is sure to inspire attendance to the event along with marketing promotion of the brand.

Creative Raygas Poster

Raygas Poster

A very cute poster for a gas heating company. The baby in the poster invokes a universal appeal. The poster is very simple yet the image and the slogan make it interesting and thought provoking as it gives a solution to a common problem faced in many households. The baby images inspire a positive response from the customers as highlight the family feel of the product.

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