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Corporate Brand Identity

Having a logo designed by a professional is a wise investment because the designers have the knowledge to create logos befitting the business. It is also necessary that the company logo be innovative and a similar logo design is not being used by any other business.

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Hoyle Oriental Art Logo

An oriental art logo with very stylish font. The simple elegance of the logo creates the effect of a connoisseur to the logo. Its subtlety creates the charm of the logo .

Met Africa- Travel company logo

A tribal graphic for an African artifacts shop. A very visible logo design creating strong professional branding for the African shop.A very ethnic logo branding.

Prickly Pair Logo

A New Zealand florist logo with greenery effect. The flower and leaves are very elegant give a professional touch to the logo in neat clean way.

Creative Alliance Mortgage Logo

A very happy looking graphic of a house in mortgage logo design.This graphic would attract attention of house mortgage seekers creating brand identity in their minds .

Best Cocktail Corner Logo

A New Zealand brewery logo design for its cocktail recipes. The wine glass has been blended into L of cocktail in very elegant way.The logo gives a class to the cocktail ideas.

Digital Camera Prints Logo

Photography Logo Design is very creative in its conception.The lens of the camera blends into the C of the camera in a very clever way.The charm of this logo lies in the graphic icon which can be used as stand alone mascot for branding .

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