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Corporate Logo Design Samples

Once a structure for the logo has been defined, color needs to be considered. Again, color for a logo should remain simple. You can always get fancy with the web version, but a good logo must work well in one color and gradients of that color.

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Creative DSS Logo

A professional logo for a Debt Collection Agency. The Hand enclosing the family signifies family protection against harshness of debt responsibility. The D and S are integrated into a graphic icon which can be used as a mascot for the company.

Delta Security Firm Logo

A professional logo for a Security Company. The Dog symbolizes a popular idea of ultimate security.The silver fern gives the logo an NZ. The logo design inspires confidence and security as it appears sturdy and steadfast.

Awesome Doubtless Bay Logo

A logo design with complete Kiwi Identity with a Silver Fern and fish image.The blue circles refer to blue waves. Even the fish has been formed from blue circle integrated into a beautiful manner to make it look very special and elegant.

Wonderful Easy AZ Logo

An elaborate logo with complete Kiwi Identity. The Kiwi image with thumbs up gesture adds to the high spirit inspired by the logo.The gazebo shape of the logo adds to the branding of a company selling gazebos which are stylish and elegant.

Far North Exposure Logo

A logo for environment photography. The letter O of the word exposure is presented as an aperture of the camera. The silver fern in the aperture symbolizes kiwi identity of photographic competition.A very interesting and topical logo.

Favor - Healthcare Logo

A simple logo for a natural cosmetic product. The entwining leaves brings out the earthy naturalness of the health products, The font is very elegant and delicate to emphasize the softness of the products due to their natural quality.

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