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New Zealand Logo Designs

A powerful  logo design  has a strong, balanced image with no little extras that clutter its look is distinctive and bold in design, making it easy to see at a glance; has graphic imagery that looks appropriate for your business.

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Fresho-Fruit and vegitable company logo

Logo design for a vegetable shop selling fresh fruit and vegetables Bright yellow orange and green color brings out thought for fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables The E of Fresho has been blended into a fruit pith to make it very interesting logo.

Inspiring Hos Gift Company Logo

New Zealand Gift Company logo depicts graphic of a gift skillfully Interwoven with H This gives a very attractive presence to the branding power of a New Zealand Logo of a Gift company.

Creative Glyncci Logo

Logo design for a robotic arm company.The company has global networking.The logo shows a global networking with gears.An industrial logo with a touch of green for environment friendliness attitude of the compan .

Awesome Gourmet Games Logo

A special cuisine restaurant logo with designer menu.The logo is stylish with gold and silver effect against a black background which make it very sophisticated and upmarket.The elegant presentation of GG adds to the style.

Top 2 Toe- Security Firm Logo

House Inspection Logo design with an image of house in royal blue color.The circle covers the whole house showing the range of inspection.The graphic has been skilfully integrated with the fonts of the logo to create very impactful logo.

The Hungry Kiwi- Restaurant Logo

Logo design for a Kiwi Restaurant in Caribbean Islands.The kiwi bird is shown as a chef serving hot kiwi meals with NZ aroma.This logo is sure to attract expat Kiwis and also make the wholesome NZ cusine popular world over.

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