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A combination logo is an excellent choice for a small- or medium-sized company or a company just starting out, to begin to build brand recognition, because a combination logo is both visually strong and explanatory.

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Sea Fresh- Restaurant logo

Sea Fresh logo is for a Seafood company which deliver fresh catch directly to consumers.The logo has a creative fish icon.The colors give feel of sea water and freshness of oceans.

Strata- Construction Company Logo

Strata is logo of an building company.This is a simple logo design.The S has been creatively designed from a steel sheet.The logo give a feel of engineering materials along with various levels of construction in a simple way.

J’nell - Beauty products logo design

J’nell Logo is for herbal skin care products. The green leaf in the logo gives an immediate symbol for herbal products. The deep red color has a feminine feel to attract women clients to buy the products .

Pacific Engineering Projects logo

Pacific Engineering is an NZ engineering project management company which specializes in executing projects in Pacific region. The kiwi in the logo creates an NZ identity for the company.The flange gives the mechanical engineering feel which is the main aspect of the company.

Orthodontists- Dental Hospital Logo

Orthodontists are Pukekohe based. Their main area of specialization is braces and dental work. The logo shows a smiley with dental braces. This aims to add a touch of friendliness to the daunting task of fitting braces.

A safety company logo

A safety company logo for Kiwi company working offshore. The Kiwi bird with helmet is not just cute but also grabs attention for safety procedures.A very eye catching logo.

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