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Logo punch lines must flow effortlessly with razor sharp wit. They are often soul of the logo. The benefits of taking the time to craft a great tag line lie with the tag line's stickiness. Great tag lines stick in your memory.

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Fabulous Gym kids Logo

Gym kids is a logo for a gymnastics coaching school for young children. The logo shows a typical handspring pose which looks really excitingand has feel of children indulging in fun and frolic.

Cool Kiwi Natural Logo

Kiwi Natural is natural health supplements logo which wants to emphasize its Kiwi Identity.The New Zealand map has be created using leaves. The logo design symbolizes a brand identity for the company stressing the Kiwi identity along with connection with herbal nature of the company health products .

Cortex logo

Parkland is a logo for a Baptist Community Church. The logo shows a leaf in a haloed circle as their aim is rebuilding Lives and Transforming Communities. Their main is main focus - connecting with God and connecting with people

New Zealand Propolis First Logo

Propolis First is a bee products company. They market extracts, capsules, tinctures, toothpaste .The Bee Products are also sold as a health supplements to protect and cure against illnesses. The logo has a predominance of gold color which give feel for goodness of honey .

Ross Hyde Photo Studio Logo

Ross Hyde is a logo design for a landscape photographer. This is a neat and uncluttered logo with a sophisticated feel. This logo can easily be used as a branding symbol to label all the photography results in the portfolio.

Safe Pay It Company logo

Safe Pay It is a logo design for a third party service between a buyer and seller of a product/commodity. They act as a type of PayPal service provider that ensures each party is confident that all terms of a contract are met prior to funds being handed over or returned. A symbol of a lock creates the feel of a security and protection .

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