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A logo is the image which represents a company or its product. It's function is to create a memorable, recognizable impression on the mind of a potential client or customer. A logo is essentially at the heart of a corporate identity.

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Black Scorpion Logo Design Concept

Black Scorpion Security is a residential security company conducting residential patrols. The logo design has a shield with a scorpion holding the shield with two claws signifying Complete Protection with aggressive monitoring.

Impressing Bright Bobbin Logo

Bright Bobbin is a marketing company. They give consultation to business companies requiring assistance with business strategy and marketing. The Logo shows a bobbin along with growth symbol. This signifies proactive and keen marketing advice from the company .

Cortex Software Company logo

Cortex gives complete software solutions to companies for their IT requirments.The image of laptop encircled signifies cortex is a one stop shop for complete software solution.The font used has a digital feel to it.

Eye Connect Logo

Eye Connect is a closed circuit TV company which is Importing and selling of CCTV cameras. The logo has a lens incorporated in the O of the CONNECT to focusing effect.The logo looks sleek and professional.

Inspiring Game Culture NZ Logo

Game Culture logo is a video gaming logo..The main character in the video game has been used as a mascot for the logo. The logo gives feel of digital effects specially in creation of the mascot and the font. The color used will look good on gaming screens .

Jaiss logo

Jaisss logo is fashion design logo with a stylised J.Since the company deals with scarves and stoles,the shape of J also has a hint of flowing scarves.The Silver and Gold color enhance the classy look of the logo.

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