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Hamilton is an upcoming commercial centre for business and industry.There is need for creative an affordable graphic design services.Logo Design New Zealand provides high quality excellent graphic design work by our kiwi logo and graphic designers.

Cherbin logo design

Cherbin logo

A designer handbag company logo.Darkly elegant and sensuous with a touch of mystery.The interplay of gold and black makes the logo very special and sophisticated

Best Sugar logo

Sugar logo

A cookies and cake company logo looks like a delicious iced chocolate biscuit.The tasty feel of the cookie attracts attention of the products to have a bite and enjoy the sugar sweetness.

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Helidor Store Masons Logo for inspiration

Helidor Store Masons Logo

A stone mason logo uses the image of a raging bull to stress the strength and durability of masonery work.A bold yet elegant logo witg striking back and red contrast.

Creative AlphaBetra logo

AlphaBetra logo

A translation company logo with silver fern creates the New Zealand identity of the company.The globe within the B makes a striking impact emphasizing the global business for translation work

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