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Facebook Landing Page Design NZ

It is most important to set up a business page through Facebook fan page design as it helps to create awareness about the business on a social networking website.
But fan pages allows fans to be informed with your business’s latest events, links, promotions and policies. These pages are public which can be viewed by with no privacy setting. Anyone may become a fan, without restriction. The number of fans you may amass is unlimited; and your page is indexed in search engines for being so public and accessible. Also fans’ friends and relations get access to your page.
But it is necessary to set up a personal profile on fan Facebook first before creating the fan-page for your business.

Creative Facebook Fan Page Design

Facebook Dynamic Page design for Parakai Spring Water Park.

Facebook Dynamic Page design for Parakai Spring Water Park. The Facebook page invites the visitors to the Waterpark by clicking the Like button and getting Facebook Specials for Free Entry Pass. The aqua blue color also matches the theme and branding of the website. This creates a corporate identity for Parakai Springs Water Park on Facebook pages.

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