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Christchurch Logo Design

A good logo design gives a wow effect for your products so that you build instant identity. Logo designer’s experience in creating brand identity and product packaging depends on his observation skills and imagination.

African safari logo

African safari logo

African safari logo is very pictographic..One look at the logo make the purpose of the safari clear.Animals and adventure with a promise of thrills in an exotic Africa make this logo very impactful

Milking Machine Company logo

Milking Machine Company logo

Milking Machine Company logo is simple and effective.The blue swirls signify pure fresh milk which are milked by the company machines.This is a very eyecatching colorful logo.

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Priotity One LogoPriotity One Logo

Priotity One Logo

Priotity One is an health club logo from Christchurch.An abstract figure of exercising personadds to the elegance and neat charm of the logo.Ash and lime colorsgive a modern trendy touch to the logo.

Inspiring Custom Skins logo

Custom Skins logo

A lubrication film company logo .The font has been given a gel like effect to emphasize the quality of the product .The transperent letter make this logo very creative and interesting,

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