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CD Cover Design Tips

CD COVER DESIGN TIPS 1 : The individual parts of a compact disc provide unique graphic design challenges and opportunities for desktop publishers and designers. Professional CD design requires much more than managing images, text and colors with computer programs. Even the most carefully chosen design won't communicate effectively if visually lost over the different areas of a printed surfaceThe characteristics of the item you are designing for, play a critical role in the overall design process. The compact disc is no exception. Knowing its anatomy helps make better design decisions, and better designers.

CD COVER DESIGN TIPS 2 : If your images and concept are too oblique (trendy, cutting edge, far out), you'll have to spend megabucks on ADDITIONAL marketing (advertising and promotion) to further identify and link the group, album name, and the musical style to the CD cover. Unless you have big bucks to link your major tour with your major T-shirts and your major ads in Rolling Stone and your major billboards, your CD cover has to carry the entire identity load as far as print reproduction goes

CD COVER DESIGN TIPS 3 : Design a CD Cover or Album cover that is professional looking because you want to be taken seriously and also design for the CD surface. An attractive design generates sales, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

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