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Business cards are an essential part of the business related interaction. It is important your business card reflects brand image of your company. The key points which must be highlighted in a business card design are the Logo of the company along with services rendered. Contact details must be short and easy to understand. A creative edge with professional style can make the business card stand out.

Keep Fit- Creative Business Card Design

Keep Fit

Colorful business card with human figures in various poses of action to Keep Fit. The design instantly communicates the purpose of the company. The back side of the card is black which can be printed with a granular effect to make it more unique and spectacular.

Bright Bobbin- Fancy Business Card Design

Bright Bobbin

Bright as a bobbin is a compliment many of us got when we were kids. A marketing company with similar attitude can attract business clients by a dozen. A cute and small business card adds to the brand style of the marketing company.

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Game Culture- Fabulous Business Card Design

Game Culture

A vibrant blue business card design with a cubical figure for a video gaming company is an instant hit. The design has a sci fi effect which makes the business card interesting and smart.

Body Science- Cool Business Card Design

Body Science

A business card printed on hand made paper highlights the natural quality of the the nutritional products to be marketed. The neon and bright green colors makes you curious about the products. This is a brand image which is hard to ignore.

Nu look- Inspiring Visiting Card Design

Nu look

A business card for an interior decorator with a classy look. Simple business card which is elegant and alluring. A perfect introduction to an interior designer.

Shalom- Finest Visiting Card Design


Rarely does a church have its own business card. The design of the Shalom business card cast an peaceful ethereal sensation. This business card is sure to generate a spiritual curiosity about the church.

CJ Cant- Awesome Visiting Card Design

CJ Cant

A business card for an engineering company. Inspite of a seemingly dull business sector, the design has an aesthetic look. It is hard to be not impressed with a company which takes its brand image seriously.

Cosell- Best Visiting Card Design


The logo design of the refrigeration company enhances the look and feel of the company business card. The icon forms the major layout of the company. Overall effect is eye catching and impactful.

ACPL- Visiting Card Design for Inspiration


An architectural company with business interests in the CBD. Exhibiting the entire skyline of the CBD make the business card impressive and highly professional. Definitely a winner in black and white.

Pukekohe Orthodontists- Great Business Card Design Sample

Pukekohe Orthodontists

A smiley with braces in a business card design will definitely make you loose the fear of the dentist. A bright and colourful business card design for dentist will surely win patients over.

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