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BROCHURE DESIGN TIPS- Fonts play an important role in reinforcing or countering the brochure’s message. On the equipment brochure the font for the title can be selected for its bold rounded shape without serifs (Bordeaux Bold), hopefully conveying the message of strength and usefulness. The party brochure title can be in a bold simple script (Brush Script), not too fancy and frilly since the business caters to the backyard and small wedding crowd, yet fancy enough to give the feeling of something special. It is a good practice to use no more than three different fonts in any one brochure. One font carries the message while the other fonts serve as design accents. Bolding or italicizing a font does not necessarily count as a separate font. However, only use bold and italics as emphasis to impart clarity to the message.

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Serafin Menu Card - Brochure Design Sample

Serafin Menu Card

Serafin is a menu card for a Spanish restaurant. This is a simple elegant Menu card with stylish professional fonts .The border on inside pages is according to the restaurant décor.

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