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Box Cover Design New Zealand

Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Box Cover design of packages can help in marketing promotion and branding. Packaging design not just serve aesthetic purpose but also help to protect ,preserve and market the products in an effective way Physical Protection - The objects enclosed in the package may require protection from, among other things, compression, temperature, etc.
Barrier Protection - A barrier from oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc., is often required. Package permeability is a critical factor in design.
Information transmission - Packages and labels communicate how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of the package or product.
Marketing - The packaging and labels can be used to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. Package design has been an important and constantly evolving phenomenon for dozens of years.
Security - Packaging can play an important role in reducing the security risks of shipment.
Convenience - Packages can have features which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, reclosing, use, and reuse.
Portion Control - Single serving or single dosage packaging has a precise amount of contents to control usage.

DSR turbo Box Cover Design

DSR turbo Box Cover Design

DSR turbo Box is to fit in Turbo Motor. The complete box design promotes the logo of the company along with the design of the motor, The front of the box is eye catching which enhance the feel of the product and attracts the customer to the buy the product.

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