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Book Cover Design New Zealand

A professional creative custom book cover design is important factor for the success of any published book. The size of the book cover is important as it gives canvas for graphic designer to create the artwork. A hardback cover must have a dust jacket which is designed in a creative way. Right Images along with suitable color scheme and font can enhance the attractive feel for the book cover design

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VBS book Cover Design

VBS book Cover Design

VBS is a book cover design of a technical manual book on VBS Vision System. The cover of the book has a strong visual impact. The images explain the uses of Visual System for educational purposes, sports and family. This thought is conveyed in a very lucid way with images.The title of the book is placed in centre to make it prominent. The logo helps to promote the branding of the book company.


24th Room

Very creative book cover for an interesting book for teamsters. The book cover captures the essence of the story of the book. The door to the 24th Room which leads to a magical world is highlighted on the book cover in a unique mysterious manner building intrigue and suspense. The interplay of black, silver, purple and violet colours adds to the mystic of the book and gives it an alluring feel.

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Awesome Colouring and Activity book Cover

Colouring and Activity book

Most vibrant eye-catching colours which can attract attention of any child. The fairy tale like quality of the cover with cute images makes the book cover an inspiring aspect. The book cover at once transports to a innocent fun world of children with no care or worry just flowers, fruits, kitten and sweet friends

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