Success story for packaging design in New Zealand

Advertising rules the business world like never before. As it is said- if you have something to sell, climb the tree and yell like hell. This has become a multi faceted industry not just confined to print media and bill board adverting but also digital platform through social media and online adverting. If you are selling any kind of product, the sure fire way of attracting attention and interest is to design trendy, out of the box and inspiring packaging designs. The marriage of products and their packaging can spell major success in the competitive markets of New Zealand.

There are millions of products on sale in New Zealand through Pak n Save, Countdown, Woolworths, Kmart, Warehouse, Farmers etc. Food products, household items, clothing or day to day objects are sold through various supermarket shelves competing with each other for attention from customers. The first point of contact between customer and the product is the packaging.

There are 3 aspects of packaging which make the customer take an informed decision about the product- To buy or not buy.

Mandatory information on the package like expiry date, license details, ingredients, quality standards etc.

Information conveyed about what makes the product unique and special provided by the manufacturer.

The aesthetics of the package design like shape color artwork.

As these 3 factors influence the image of the product in the minds of customers, a high level of advance professional skills are need to create successful and innovative packaging designs.

New Zealand is a small country with a limited market. There is fierce competition in the market for products and services. Eye catching and informative package can boost a successful marketing campaign for any product.

Here are some interesting features which pertain to NZ or KIWI Themes or Identity which help to design creative packaging:-

Packaging Color – Color plays an important role in presenting a package. Blue and green colors are often identified as NZ colors due to our unique topography of sea and mountains. But sober and subdued European colors in packaging also work as regards to creative artwork. Finally the color selection depends on the product and its target clientele. El Paso the Mexican Food DIY packs are a super hit even though they are in bright sunny yellow as they convey the cheerful feel of Mexican food.










Unique layout – any layout which is bit out of the normal orbit is a hit. Kiwis love bizarre, funny, funky and extraordinary thoughts behind packaging presentations.










Catching slogan and taglines – A humorous catch line or crazy words conveying vital information is immensely appreciated in NZ. The funny Safety video played in Air NZ flights are watched by everyone just for the funny presentation with All Blacks. Hence all important information imparted with a twist of humor.






Shape and size of the packaging – Any packaging giving a glimpse of the product is a sure fire hit as it customer can get idea what they are buying.










Packaging Artwork is creative professional skill which can transform a simple product into desired merchandise coveted by customers.

DISCLAIMER:- LDNZ BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this blog post. All images used in this post are found from different sources all over the Internet and are used for inspirational purposes only.

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