3 Essentials for Honey Label and Packaging Design

Honey is a miracle health product which deserves most attractive packaging design. This is the age of high quality creative and stylish packaging presentation.

There are 3 important features for packaging which can make a honey product stand out:-

1. Shape of the Jar- Honey jars are generally wide mouth so that it is easy to extract honey. They can tall, squat, round, tall or hexagonal in shape. The more interesting the shape, the more attention it will attract. The color of the jar plays a vital role in the honey marketing as it also preserves the honey apart from giving striking appearance.

2. Honey Label- Label design of a honey product is influenced by the shape and size of the bottle. Unconventional shapes make the label stand out. Label design has to be eye catching with a unique flair. The common graphics associated with honey labels are bees, dripping honey, bee hive and golden texture. Some honey product use strange but stunning and conspicuous imagery like teddy bear, flower blossoms even some licking their fingers for visual effects.

3 Honey label content- Text content of a label is important part of the packaging as it tells the story behind the honey. Every honey has a tale of its sources. There is a complete branch of beekeeping science which researches on best environments for bees so that they produce the best and high quality honey. There is an elaborate process involved. All these details must be highlighted on the label along with mandatory information.

A complete honey packaging design strikes a harmonious balance of color, imagery, graphics and information in a trend setting style to provides successful marketing promotion.

Hare are some beautiful packaging and label design samples to inspire you:-









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