10 Most creative Fruit and Jam Label Designs

Jams are an all time breakfast favorite for most people with a sweet tooth. The juicy sweetness of jam can tickle many tongues. Most jam companies want to cash in on this sweet appeal of the jams to market and promote their product. There is stiff competition among the jam manufacturing companies as they battle with homemade products and preserves which are more popular to their better quality appeal.

It is very easy to think that creating a jam label can be a walkover deal for the graphic designers. In reality designing a jam label can be quite tough. The label for a jam company has to be designed keeping in mind the competition effect. The design has to be unique and different yet at the same time it must have a mouth watering feel. Images of glossy fruits, luscious jams and preserves add to the charm of the label designs.

Another crucial feature of a successful label design is the nutritional information regarding the jam and its ingredients. The display of this information must be highlighted and placed in prominent position with easy to read font.

Here are some interesting samples of the jam label design which are different from the general jam label image:-












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