The Inner Meaning Of NZ National Symbols – Flag And Coat Of Arms

New Zealand Business establishment are very proud of their NZ lineage. Often they want their branding to reflect and promote Kiwi identity.

The branding experts like graphic designers want to portray New Zealand symbols which reflect the rich culture and past traditions of the country in their corporate identity.

Many times graphic designers want to inculcate some part or complete symbol in their artwork as mark of respect and acknowledgement of NZ identity but unable to find proper images.

Hence we are presenting these images for free download.

Kindly note: - we are just presenting the high resolution files for these symbols to be used for legitimate purposes and with proper legal permissions.

NZ Coat of Arms Meaning

The NZ Coat of Arms is the official symbol of New Zealand. The current version was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956.

The coat of arms presents a shield with 4 quadrants or sections. The first quadrant shows 4 stars of the NZ flag. The Golden Fleece in the second quadrant represents the farming community of New Zealand. The sheaf of wheat in the third quadrant represents the importance of agriculture. The crossed hammer in the fourth quadrant represents the mining industry. The center panel depicts 3 galleys for NZ Maritime past. The European Lady carries the NZ flag and fierce Maori Warrior holds a Taiaha and wears a flax coat. On top of the shield is Monarch’s Crown and the footer is embellished with fern leaves.



NZ Coat of Arms- Free Download

Legal status for use: - The New Zealand Coat of Arms is for government use only and is found on a range of documents and papers of constitutional significance, from Acts of Parliament to passports. On some national occasions, such as Royal visits or jubilee celebrations, individuals and organizations can temporarily display the Arms. The Coat of Arms can only be used or published with the Ministry’s permission.

NZ Flag Meaning

Recently a referendum to change the NZ flag has been unsuccessful. The present NZ flag has a long heritage and history. This flag was designed and adopted for colonial ships bound for NZ in 1869.The design was adopted as official flag of New Zealand nation in 1902. Since then the flag has been a symbol of people, government and sovereignty of New Zealand.

The flag of New Zealand is a blue background with the Union Flag in upper left corner symbolizing the close relationship between UK and NZ. There are four red starts with white borders to the right. These stars represent the Southern Cross constellation.



NZ flag- Free Download

Legal status for use - Individuals and organizations may use the New Zealand Flag in advertising. Letters or designs should not be added to the Flag unless they are clearly separate to the Flag design. If you want to use the New Zealand Flag in advertisements or for commercial purposes, Ministry to discuss your ideas.

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