Killing of kiwi babies

 New Zealand is famous for its kindness and friendliness of its people all over the world.It is  very sad that tiny defenceless babies are being killed in a fit of rage.Could it be a case of drugs use or burden of unwanted children in financial problems or just plain hearltessness.

Whatever it is,there is no excuse.Children have to loved protected and nurtured in any culture anywhere in the world.

We say a word of prayer wisdom to protect small children and babies.


Chris Kahui will stand trial for the murder of his twin three-month-old sons, a district court judge ruled today.

Judge Roy Wade made the ruling at the Manukau District Court this afternoon after an eight-day depositions hearing.

Kahui, 22, sitting alongside his defence team showed little emotion as Judge Wade read out his findings.

Judge Wade told the court it was plain from undisputed medical evidence both twins suffered head injuries which could not have been inflicted by their one-year-old brother.

The fatal head injuries were inflicted 24 hours prior to the boys being taken to the family doctor, he said.

During that crucial period only a small number of adults had the opportunity to inflict those injuries, he said.

There was an evidential basis that Kahui could be found guilty, he said.

After the two charges of murder were read Kahui said “No, I don’t wish to plead guilty”.

This morning crown prosecutors and defence lawyers gave their closing submissions after the final video of police interviewing Kahui was shown to the court.

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