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Steps for Designing creative professional business card for corporate identity

1. Use both sides of the card as it gives you extra space at marginal cost..  You can communicate more information to your clients about your business.
 2. Make your card unique and interesting. Put some exclusive facts about your business which will generate interest of the client to pick up your card.
 3.Make important contact information like phone number, website or brand of name of business prominent. Easy to see even at a glance.
 4. Make your business objective easy to understand. Make it stand out and easy to comprehend within few seconds client holds your card in his hands.
 5 Emphaisize how your business would  affect other people. Highlight the benefits your business will give them
 6. Give complete information about your business. Please don’t leave out any details
 7.Announce boldly your business speciality  which sets your business apart from competition. Whether it’s price, product, location, guarantee, your  personality, or something else, there should be something that makes  you stand out.
 8.Always Include your logo. Your logo is your brand Image. It needs to have constant exposure to create an impact. Remember the Law of  Seven–someone needs to see your name at least seven times before  they will try to do business with you. Having a consistent company  image makes it that much easier to make an impression.
 9. Do something unique to your business card. Something which catches attention at once like a different shape or color or very stylish look
 10. Distribute your business card as much as possible through numerous outlets to that maximum number of people can view it.

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