Maori logo design ideas

Maori logo design ideas

Maori culture is as ancient as the Polynesian folklore. Maori came to New Zealand from Polynesian islands about 1000 years back. They gradually settled in North and South Islands with their tribal cultures and rich heritage.

Their culture is full of symbols with deep rooted belief in age old traditions and folklore. Most of the belief is based on ancient wisdom and common sense. Most symbols have a relation to ancestors or nature, plants , animals or human fertility.Many of these are used form logo design for company branding by NZ business companies.

Most symbols are abstract with a touch of creative vision. Silver fern or koru is often used symbol which can form repeated patterns. They are so special to New Zealand ethnicity that many NZ companies use silver fern or koru to highlight their Kiwi identity. Even business stationery, christmas decoration and banners are created highlighting maori symbolism.

Here are some interesting ways in which Koru or Silver fern has been used to create patterns. Red color is used often in Maori designs. The mythological of the origin of RED colour is as follows. There was much blood shed during the separation of Papa-tu-a-nuku (Earth) and Rangi-nui (Heaven) The blood of Rangi-nui is sometimes seen as a red glow in the sky. The Maori call it papakura and they look to it for signs and omens.





Fish Hooks are the source of food and life on the New Zealand islands surrounded by high seas.Fishing is main staple diet.Hence fish hooks in various designs,shapes made of stone,bone,shells or rocks are both ornamental and symbols of good fortune.

Human embryo is considered a sign of fortune and fertility.This is where the life starts.It is symbol of goodness and positive energy.Tiki is magic and power.Adzes and chisels made from greenstone were also prestige items and the shape of a greenstone adze lends itself to conversion into a tiki.The eyes of a tiki has special powers to bring good fortune,victory and new life.They have excellent mana and supernatural powers.

Fishes like hammerheads,sharks,sting rays or whales dominate the waters around New Zealand. These are powerful symbols of sea life.Maori use them as symbols so that power and strength of these mighty creatures of the seas can be harnessed for good of humans.They are integrated into beautiful symbolic patterns.


Maori symbolism is unique and very creative.It goes back to those common sense down to earth basic wisdom which is being forgotten in this pace of modern civilization.Going back to nature and giving Mother Earth respect and love to save the environment and save the beauty of the world.Maori symbolism shows us the way to go back to our roots.


  • Is there any copyright on the tiki and fish hook symbol here?We would like to use the symbols in a publication for schools advertising Learning experiences outside the classroom in a key representing Te ao maori concepts.

  • just like to get more logo or designers if any i am putting a sport team together please

    thanks peter turahui

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