Logo Design Through Symbolism Down Ages

Logo Design is modern branding.
Logo is the first identity which captures the mind of the client market. But what exactly is a logo which is so important for any branding campaign.
In most simple words ,logo is a meaningful symbol enhancing the branding identity.
A small graphic presentation integrated with a nice attractive lucid font makes an ideal logo.

Logos or rather symbols have been used since times ancient. Symbols were often means of communication when written words were not widely used.

A white flag for peace or surrender must have saved numerous lives than a written scrolled message. Red Cross Logo is universal emblem for medical care for sick and injured respected evne in most violent battle zones.


Symbolism gained more importance in trade and commerce to increase sales and attract attention. In fact the word “logo”, derived from the original word “logotype” means a name, symbol or a trademark designed for easy recognition.

There are some logo designs which are recognized wherever you are are in this world.

Some well-known logos are Apple Inc’s apple with a bite missing, which started out as a rainbow of color, and has been reduced to a single color. But half eaten apple is always symbol for Mactintosh operating system.


Coca Cola’s logo design is renowned worldwide, but is best associated with the color red; its main competitor, Pepsi has taken the color blue. The fight between the red and blue has spread through continents through competing sports teams,athletes, film stars even political parties.


IBM, also known as “Big Blue” has simplified their logo over the years, and their name. What started as International Business Machines is now just “IBM” and the color blue has been a signature in their branding campaign as they have become an renowned IT services company. IBM logo is a symbol for IT Professionalism and technology.


Automotive brands have impressive corporate logo- from the Chevrolet “Bow Tie” mark to the circle marks of Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, to the interlocking “RR” of Rolls-Royce each has stood for a brand, and created powerful brand identity for their companies.These logo are symbols of class and style. Each logo is an icon of aristocracy amongst the rich,famous and jetset.






Other logos that are recognized globally: the Nike “Swoosh” and the Adidas “Three stripes” are two well-known brands that are defined by their corporate logo. The sports logo branding is hall mark of all sports events with famous sports people being their brand ambassadors.



Another logo of global renown is that of Playboy Enterprises. Playboy magazine claims it once received a letter offices with its distinctive “bunny” logo as the only identifying mark.Play boy’s naughty branding image gets a feel of innocence with the cute bunny illustration.It adds sweetness and charm to the sensuous allure of the Playboy branding.


Interesting and simple symbols often create legendary logo designs which have been handed down through generations like the olive leaf crown of ancient Greece which is still symbol of respectability and calibre.Famous companies have symbols in their logo and branding which adds meaning to their corporate identity and also creates a memorable remembrance.


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