Illustrative logo designs for strong business branding

Illustrations are pictographic representation of ideas created through online drawing and design skills.They always speak more than words and communication is instant, as they convey messages through easy understanding of concepts. Illustrative logo design are an interesting way for promoting branding.Human illustrations depict million expression which can be comical , humorous, caricature or thought provoking.You can view some creative illustrations


1. A hungry lip smacking face can create feeling of hunger with an aroma of something delicious cooking. Such an illustration for a bakery or takeaway is a sure fire hit as it provokes feeling of ravenous hunger. Such a reaction can result in roaring sales for takeaway.


2. In interesting illustration with a night club feel. There is a naughty feeling without being raunchy.Such a illustrative logo for a night club gives fun feeling and is sure to attract lots of customer patronage.


3. A tribal ethnic girl profile for an art gallery. The earthy sensitive feel of the logo gives a sophisticated effect.The elegance of the logo is sure create aesthetic branding for the art gallery.


4. A soft gentle figure of Mother Nature.The peaceful serene expression on the face highlights the natural goodness and nurturing of health and wellness product. Such a logo is very suitable for natural organic products.


5. A journalistic logo with very interesting illustration of the three famous monkeys which stand for the impartial stance of journalists.This is very eyecatching and interest evoking logo.Hard to miss due to the naughty charm of monkeys. Definately a logo which cant be ignored due to its tongue in cheek illustrations.


6. A entertainement studio logo with illustration symbolising studio unit hands.The very cheeky dont care stance of the little boy attracts instant attention and a smile.A feeling of affection is generated as he reminds you of your little boy. Any logo which evokes any level of feeling is always successful as it creates brand memory

These are few samples of illustrative logo designs which can create an impact in branding in fiercely competitive market.

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