How much to charge for graphic design work

Very few talk about the “taboo” topic of money — namely how much to charge for creative work.Each design project is a  “custom ordered” piece of creativity that cannot be priced as a commodity.

When you hire a designer to do a logo  custom design. For the  creative design work, you’re not paying for the  hours it takes in Photoshop to create your logo.

What you’re doing is paying for the years of experience it took to know what to do in those hours to create graphic design magic. 

When you hire a designer to rework your logo or website, they’re adding lots of value to your company and brand. You may only pay them $1,000 for the logo or graphic design work but if it provides your brand with increased recognition (which leads to more customers, more paying accounts, better reputation, etc.) Keep that in mind next time a client starts haggling over a quote, since they could probably make up the expense in just a few weeks time.

Nobody can tell someone else what they should be charging for their own work because it’s such a personal thing, tied directly into their own experiences and values. My pricing criteriawhich  has evolved over years of client work — figuring out what works, what doesn’t, when to raise or lower prices, how to read projects and clients, etc. In the end, what you tell someone else to pay you is really what you think your work is worth, and nobody can honestly tell you that the number you send out is right or wrong.

But companies must realise that though the graphic design work is virtual to some extent but it requires as much energy,input and planning as any other physical work.Let not create sweat shops but give sutiable recognition for genuine quality of graphic design work.

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