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New Zealand logos-Free Download

An Auckland based Graphic Design Company offers free logo designs to download from our Blog.

These are special logo design for Kiwi Business Companies  who want  to have famous kiwi symbols as icons in their corporate branding.Our designer team has created very unique and original logo designs using famous kiwi icons like kiwi, koru,silver ferns,dolphins,tiki etc.

They are all yours-FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

If you need to make any change to the logo then please contact our office at email anush@logodesignnewzealand.co.nz

Our ace logo designer ,Anush will modify these logos to custom design  according  to your at nominal extra  charges .But they are all yours  FREE to use in anyway you  like.You can download the PSD and use.

I have given a short history of each icon and its  significance.Symbols of New Zealand

Silver Fern

A very soothing Silver Fern Logo. Excellent for NZ Export businesses or any other company which wants to promote its NZ Image globally .Even a Sport organization or company can use this logo .A blue and silver fern leaves curl around the globe signifying Kiwi Identity in global arena. The blue color stands for blue skies and the seas of New Zealand and the silver color for the land of the clouds- Aotearoa.


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A Maori symbol of unfurled fern leaf. Paua shell effect is given to the koru graphic for a very kiwi feel. This logo can be used by any NZ company which wants to emphasize its  NZ image. Fashion companies,gift companies or any company which markets NZ based good and services can create powerful branding  with this logo.


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Kiwi Logo


A very creative logo design with just a hint of  a gentle Kiwi bird image. This subtle effect is in tune with kiwi ‘s  shy and reticent nature. An ideal logo for companies who wish to promote the idea of saving kiwi from extinction. Pet food companies, animal protection organizations and even farming businesses can benefit from the stylish branding of this logo.

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Tiki Logo 


Tiki is a very unique NZ symbol for fertility and rebirth. This is a very soulful logo imbibing the spirit of  old  Maori wisdom. Any company with future vision and a traditional feel can use this thought provoking branding Which would touch the hearts of the clients and  customers

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Dolphin Logo

An elegant dolphin graphic with curling pretty sea waves. Coastal business ,sea cruises, tourism can use this logo in very effective manner to promote the teeming sea life of New Zealand. Some of New Zealand waters have largest number of dolphins in the world .Even the friendly intelligent  behavior of dolphins can be promoted as company image for friendly cheerful  customer service.


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You can download similar premade logo from our website. We are one stop station for all kinds of logo whether its custom made or premade. At most affordable cost.The free offer is for limited period only so do make the best of it.


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