Creative Design Mailboxes for New Zealand

Creativity of thought and design is not just prerogative of graphic designers only but of normal people too. Each person has his own unique vision or favourite dream. Since childhood we have our comfort ideas like ice cream, boat, doll, fluffy toy. Many people give shape to their ideas amd imagination in the form of mailboxes.Its a way to attract attention to one’s creativity.There are some very interesting ideas about mail boxes.


Mail box looks like an arm / hand holding up a mailbox statue.This could be a house of WWF wrestler or a security guard who is referring to his muscular strength


This mail box looks a small kid riding a steam engine shaped like a small piggy. This could be house of small children with lots of imagination and feeling of fun.

A cigarette smoking hand with painted nails is very unique and interesting. This mail box could belong to a high profile professional woman with a stylish life style.

A hand holding a mailbox is very cute and precise way to present a mail box.Any postman would love to have such a friendly mail box on his beat

A Scorpion mail box is a sure fire attention catcher. It is a really jazzy way to get mails.This is bound to attract attention from far and wide.


Hammer Head mail box can only belong to a craftsman or working man who loves his garage workshop.This is a very striking mail box


A knight in armour ready for battle.A very interesting mail box specially for who are still little boys at heart.


Boothouse is part of our fairy tale folklore.Reminds of those childhood days of fairies,pixies and gnomes who might live in our shoes.


A tree trunk as a mail box can be most environmentally conscious idea.A house in nature with a tree trunk mail box seems really fascinating idea.


Fire alarm for mailbox can astonish anyone. This old fashioned fire alarm can be quite bizarre way to get ones mails.


Junk yard dog as a mail box can be a nice way to avoid junk mail.The dog looks ugly enough to scare all junk mailer with wildly aggressive look.


A small house with a window for a mail box reminds of the all the fairy houses we looked for in our garden.This cute house makes you feel some one from the little people might just peep out and offer you a cup of tea.


A hut mailbox with a feel of jungle tribes and rural life.The fragile leaf like structure make this box blend with nature and foliage


A bunch of pipes.A postman can be forgiven for missing this mail box.This can easily be mistaken for pipes lying around on the side of the road


A racing motor car for a letterbox.This can belong to a racing buff or a car racer.The racing car really looks cool and smart with its stylish appearance. A real style statement.


A mail box which looks like a Nikon camera can belong to a photographer or a model.This is a very unique way to make a statement about ones hobbies or profession


A bull dozer. This house can only belong to a construction worker or someone with interest in heavy machinery.This is a sure way to ensure your mail doesn’t get lost in a snow storm


A vintage dairy truck as a mail box can belong to a house of an antique collector.
This is a very creative way to get ones mail creating an aesthetic effect.


A monster emerging out of ground holding a mail box. Reminds of Halloween or the things which go bump in the night. Really cool and nicely scarey


Father son contruction worker images as a mail box can belong to a family owned construction business house. This mail box gives a feeling of father son relationship/


Crashed plane as a letterbox can be a bit unnerving but it can also be taken a plane going for a nose dive. A mail box for a flying enthusiast who is keen on air thrills


This is a very strange mail box made of stones in shape of a pistol. A very strange way to get mail.A pistol mail box may interest shooting experts.


A beer tap for a mail box can belong to a beer lover only. This mail can attract attention of all beer fans.


An extra terrestrial alien in blue for a mail box can arouse curiosity and amusment.Looks a bit strange and ugly. The house must be a belonging to a UFO believer with a penchant for alien being


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  • Hi,
    My name is Wayne. I stumbled across your website when I was doing a search for fire alarm letterbox’s. I have a letter box that is the same as the green one in your photo collection. I am trying to find out who would have manufactured these fire alarm box’s and what the inscription/writing on the front of the box stands for. Any assistance with my search would be greatly appreciated.


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