5 stupid mistakes you can make about your logo design

Logo is most important part of your branding.This is the first impression your business creates.You might think its too small a piece of artwork to create any major impact on your corporate identity.But its very essential that you treat your logo design with respect.This is specially true when your logo is being created by a professional designer

This is the time when you envision the essence of your business in your logo to make it powerful and dynamic

But many people give too little importance to the logo design.They do some really silly avoidable mistakes which impact the ultimate image of the company.

1.Using the famous renowned company as a model sample for your logo design.This will never help.Your logo will never be able to compete with McDonalds,Gucci or Reebok as they spend millions to make their logo a world wide recognizable brand.So be realistic and let your logo mirror your company and its image

2. Your child’s drawings or your amateur friend’s artwork unless they have hidden talents of VanGogh,Monet or Picasso, is not going to help you get a professional logo design which will stand out against competition of stylish trendy logo designs of your rivals.

3.Never tell your logo designer ,you don’t have a clue about what you want in your logo design.No one is ever that design challenged.Even if your ideas seem bizarre and you feel you might to subject to hallucination research ,do give all your ideas and thoughts to your logo designer.Most of them are experienced enough to extract gems of concepts from your thoughts

4.Never use a photo,clipart or outlandhish difficult to read font n your logo even if it looks highly aesthetic.The logo has to look original professional yet easy to understand

5.Finally never us the name of your business as your logo as it looks absolutely tacky and out of date.

A stylish professional trendy logo design will go a long way to create a brilliant corporate identity for your company which will enhance your marketing and advertising.


  • Logos should be simple in design so that even a 5y old can draw it (see windows logo, all mayor car brands, shell etc.)
    if you make it to complicated and use to much details then it might come out as a blurry mess if you must scale it down later for small screen devices…

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