5 best educational websites for children

Education is the most vital aspect of children’s life. In this age of advanced technology, imparting of education has evolved with elaborate communication network into a high organized system. Educational knowledge is not just confined to reading and writing. Media and Internet has caused an explosion of knowledge fountain. Wikipedia, Google and million other websites inform, educate and reveal vast quantities of knowledge in any field. Nothing is hidden any more. Everything can be discovered and researched with a click of button.

Children have a great aptitude for computers and internet. They can master knowledge on internet much quicker than adults. In fact, internet can be an excellent source of knowledge for children as it is extensive and easy to view. It is a very attractive and makes it highly interesting for children.

Here is some very interesting and popular education website for children:-

National Geographic Kids =>

This website features videos images, knowledge, videos and amazing images to educate and entertain children with inspiring and attractive content.

National Geographic Kids - Inspiring education website

Wonderopolis =>

Find a new discovery every day. Discover interesting facts about earth and universe. Ask most intriguing question. An interesting website to satisfy curiosity of children.


FunBrain =>

An interesting and intriguing website about maths and arithmetic. Academic knowledge is imparted in fun and playful manner.


Pottermore =>

A web site created by J.K. Rowling so that children could read the Harry Potter books and play interactive games and puzzles. A website loved by all Harry Potter fans.


Spatulatta =>

Cooking website for children with easy to follow recipes with videos. An excellent website to introduce children for cooking hobby.



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