100 best designed logos

What are logos?
Logos are symbolic ,short yet full of
meaning defining the company’s vision and image
in brief precise way.
They are akin to the SMS messages we send- quick short yet
conveys meaning perfectly.

Logo Design New Zealand bring you some of the best 100 logo
recognized the world over as their famous brands.

Lets view a few of these logos.

Raybans- Designer Sunglass Company. The logo simple yet very precise. Its totally a text logo.
Its just a statement of sophistication.

Lego- Recognized by all of us since childhood. It brings back
memories of playroom days. Lego stand for the building blocks
which was our first step to creativity. But the logo is again very simple which can be identified
even by a child just learning to read.

Most successful brands have very simple attention catching logo which
can be recognized in a blink of the eye. A logo has to create impace in fraction of second
so it message should register with brain in an instant.

A good branding logo should not give you to think but just register in your mind.

Logo Design New Zealand gives  you an opportunity to get inspiration from 100 best logos.Best design LogosBest Design Logos


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