10 tips to write popular blogs

Millions of blogs are being created every day. Making your blog stand above the
rest may seems imposssible. But some tips might help to make people take notice of you blog.

1. Your Blog should get your
reader’s attention right away with the title. Your title should arouse the reader’s
interest yet be informative. 
8-12 words are a good range.

2. Keep sentences short and clear. Start a new paragraph every few sentences,
and limit each post to 250 words, if possible.

3. Break up the text. Use numbered lists, bullet points, and subheadings to make your posts easy to scan.
 In addition, with the inevitable clutter of banner ads and
side text, this technique puts some distance between your writing and all those distractions.

4. Keep current. No one wants to read old news.
Scour the web for references. Use keywords related to the field. Research blogs, podcasting,
instant messaging, business letters, memos, and business reports,
so you will always be well informed. 

5. Do not be afraid to create and state your opinions.
Dont be afraid to take a stand and express your views.

6. Be accurate. If you make a statement, be prepared to back it up.
Know what your sources are and quote them accurately.

7. Links are great-but then what? Do not just post links to the same tired sites,
offer your reader something new.
Contribute to the conversation.
 Your goal is to be the site to which everyone else is linking-so
you had better have something worth writing about.

8.Once you have defined the theme of your blog, stick to it.

9. Use key words liberally. Keywords are, well, key. Harness your blog’s search engine
potential by filling your title and post with effective keywords that will help
interested parties find your page in the vast, muddled blogosphere.
 This is one of the most important elements of getting your blog read.

10. Be consistent. Keep a schedule and stick to it.
Post frequently-at least several times per week if you want to increase
your potential of attracting new readers.

Maintaining an informative yet interesting blog is a challenge.But its not so difficult
once you get the hang of it of writing something people want to read.
 Enjoy your blog writing and it will reflect on the blog.

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