10 Great Ideas to Promote your Company Logo

Every business company needs to build its corporate identity .Logo Design is the first step for branding. This is the first hand of introduction for company.

As first impression is said to be the last impression, promotion of a logo can give a big leap to any business advertising. There are three main reason why logo can have a strong impact on brand identity .Firstly logo is precise representation which can be perceived in an instant. Repeated exposure to logo design can have a lasting effect. Finally a logo can sum up the essence of any business in a very compact idea.

Let me present 10 great way to make your logo design stand out in a crowd and create a pleasant memory for your business.

1. Highlight your logo in a business card in a unique attractive way so that it catches instant attention. You can emboss your logo in silver or gold .Enhancing the presentation of the logo can lift up the business card to create a business statement.


2 Create stickers of logo for cars or design a car wrap of your logo. There is no better way to create awareness for your logo design. A moving vehicle with colourful logo always catches an eye whether in a swift moving motorway or a traffic jam.


3. Use logo on promotional items like pens, mugs, T-shirts, caps. Daily utility items or souvenirs can showcase your logo design in an elegant manner for business promotion. This will create remembrance of your logo design.


4.Present logo in attractive way on hoarding or signage. Make your logo bold and beautiful on a larger than life canvas. Even a creative glass or ceramic model of your logo design on the reception desk would look really stylish

5.Create Favicons for your website with the logo. This is the best way to promote your logo design online. Frequent use of icons can create a continuous memory of your logo design to develop strong and effective branding


6.Animate your logo design. Animation can add life to your logo design. It creates a personality for the logo. Animated logo design can be used anywhere on website, video advertisement, signage even a mobile phone icons

7.Create a Tattoo. This sounds a bit tacky. But wearing your logo yup your sleeve can promote your logo in a big way. This is unconventional yet can attract huge attention from your clients and customers. The is perfect for media and fun event companies logo designs


8.Design a screen saver on all computers in office specially those in client inter action areas. This is really good for insurance ,bank or offices where there is lot of front face interaction as it helps to promote the brand.


9.Place Logo design in a prominent way on the ID cards of the employees specially if they are in the front desk or in customer care. This helps to build company reputation and branding value.


10.Finally use in email signatures is the most important and effective way of developing logo brand awareness. This promotes a prestigious image for the company with a sense of professional integrity.



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