Illustrative logo designs for strong business branding

Illustrations are pictographic representation of ideas created through online drawing and design skills.They always speak more than words and communication is instant, as they convey messages through easy understanding of concepts. Illustrative logo design are an interesting way for promoting…

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Free Christmas wallpaper in kiwi style

An Auckland based Graphic Design Company offers free Desktop Background designs to download from our Blog. These are special creative Kiwi Themed Wall papers designed for Xmas Season. Our design team has created an aesthetic combination of New Zealand Christmas…

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120 web 2 Music logo design collection

Music Logo Design are one of the most popular logo design. They create branding for music groups, singers, musicians, music companies and even songs. Music industry is showbiz industry.Music logos need to be vibrant eyecatching and very trendy.Powerful and effective branding…

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Download Top 20 Designing Fonts

20 Latest and most elegant fonts have been researched by graphic designers of Logo Design New Zealand during past 3 months.During our forays into designing, we have discovered some attractive fonts which add life to any graphic design like logo…

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Download Free NZ logos

Logo design discripLogo design discripLogo design discripLogo design discripLogo design discrip

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Logo design Quiz

Logo Design Branding Quiz Logo Design New Zealand  has devised an interesting quiz for our visitors.This quiz will give you an idea of how much successful you are in brand recognition.We have taken some famous brands from various fields like…

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logo design tutorial

Logo design is most creative of all graphic designs. Besides the technical skills ,it’s the designer’s creative process which plays an important part in creating high impact eye catching logo design. We would like to detail you steps to create…

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Steps for Designing creative professional business card for corporate identity

1. Use both sides of the card as it gives you extra space at marginal cost..  You can communicate more information to your clients about your business.  2. Make your card unique and interesting. Put some exclusive facts about your…

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100 best designed logos

What are logos? Logos are symbolic ,short yet full of meaning defining the company’s vision and image in brief precise way. They are akin to the SMS messages we send- quick short yet conveys meaning perfectly. Logo Design New Zealand…

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Logo design New Zealand wants to give a special offer for FREE CUSTOM DESIGNED BUSINESS CARD  for all  NZ clients for the coming festive season. Please do view our stationery design portfolio. Stationery design  Are you looking for a special…

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Logo design New Zealand wants to give a special offer for FREE BUSINESS CARD  DESIGN AND WALLPAPER for all NZ clients for the coming festive season. This is a free for all offer with no preconditions. Please login on our website…

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450 attractive Web 2 designed logos

When you start a business, you need to create the quickest possible route to business success. A logo helps to create this by contributing to your business’s visibility, credibility, and memorability—three factors that will help your business to grow and…

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Top 20 Most Favourite Logos in New Zealand

Logo designs are identity any corporate business no matter how big or small. If you are small company trying to establish yourself online or offline then the first thing that you introduce to potential customers is your company logo. The…

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10 tips to write popular blogs

Millions of blogs are being created every day. Making your blog stand above the rest may seems imposssible. But some tips might help to make people take notice of you blog. 1. Your Blog should get your reader’s attention right…

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